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Cell Phones Are Not Allowed in Jail

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Cell PhoneCell phones are not allowed in jail. Horrific! Unimaginable! Inhumane!

Newly arrested persons face a bigger problem than an inability to update their status on social media, and that’s an inability to contact anybody in their life that matters. Ask yourself this question: If my cell phone were taken away, could I dial my best friend’s phone number on a pay phone? How about my significant other’s? My mom’s? My brother’s?

Every day at least one person calls my office (the number is on the wall at the jail) and is unable to raise money for bail simply because they can’t remember their important phone numbers. Romelli Bail Bonds has easy payment plans to finance bail bond premium. But sometimes, the bail is so large that enlisting help from outside members of the defendant’s community is needed. Romelli Bail Bonds can help in those situations, too. Without giving away too many trade secrets, we have access to databases that deliver lots of information, including phone numbers.

Sometimes, the only way to communicate with the defendant’s people is through social media sites, such as Facebook. But, Facebook’s improved security features prevent Romelli Bail Bonds from communicating directly with a defendant’s contact unless Romelli Bail Bonds and the contact are “friends.”

Here’s a simple solution to not being able to connect with important people in your life if you happen to be arrested: “Like” Romelli Bail Bonds Facebook page. Consider this an insurance policy issued by people you know and trust. We’ll be there for you at the moment you need help the most.

If you or someone you know is arrested call our bail bond agency for help.