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Bail Bond Services

Bail Out of JailExperience has taught us a valuable lesson… STUFF HAPPENS! Mistakes, personal tragedies, bad luck, poor judgment, and countless other afflictions and conditions affect all people at some point in their lives. This is true whether one is wealthy or poor, educated or not, young or old, deserving or otherwise. Sometimes stuff happens to the degree that one is arrested and put in jail. This is when our bail bond agency can help.

If you or someone you know is in jail our criminal justice system likely will require a bail bond in order to be released from jail. The purpose of bail is to ensure a defendant appears in court to answer for the charge while saving the government the expense of housing the prisoner. The most common forms of bail are: cash, a cashier’s check, or a bail bond.

People who have been arrested need access to professional help at all hours of the day.  That’s why we’re available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, no matter what the time, day or night. The first question most people have is: How does bail work?

Contact us when you need a bail out from custody quickly and professionally. A licensed bond agent will answer the phone and help you secure 24 hour bail bond.

Why Use a Bail Bond?

Typically, a person uses a bail bond for one or all of the following three reasons:

  1. Most people don’t have access to all of the cash needed to make bail unless they use a bail bond.
  2. Of those people who do have the necessary resources, we usually advise against using full cash for bail, as a means of limiting risk.
  3. Many people simply prefer not to have their names on record with the jail or the court.

Bail Bond Payment Plans

Romelli Bail Bonds offers the lowest rates allowed by law in California. We can set up an individualized payment plan for your bail bond. Members of the Armed Services, Union Members, Senior Citizens, and defendants who have hired their own lawyer may also qualify for discounted bail bond rates. Contact us to set up an affordable bail bond payment plan that works for you.

Additional Bail Bond Services

Servicing as bail agents is our primary function. However, we also provide additional services to assist our client’s needs:

Surety Bonds

We can assist in the arrangement of other types of surety bonds through our network of strategic relationships with surety agencies.

Immigration Bonds

Through our strategic relationships, Romelli can arrange for a duly licensed immigration bond specialist to assist clients with immigration holds. These types of bonds have a higher bond premium and greater collateral requirements due to increased risk. Otherwise, the process is similar to bail.

Notary Public

Several of our agents are Notary Publics and can assist clients in need of notary services in our office. Please contact us to schedule a visit if you require these services.

Electronic Monitoring

Circumstances sometimes occur where a person will want to avail themselves of GPS-enabled electronic monitoring, either because the court has ordered it, or because counsel has advised its use in keeping with a sentencing or probation strategy. We attach and monitor GPS-enabled electronic monitoring devices for an individual’s use. Call us for more information and pricing.

If you have additional questions on our services, call us at 707-542-1500. A bondsman is available by phone 24 hours a day every day, including weekends.