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Why a Bail Bond is Better Than Cash

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Get bail bond from Romelli when you need a bail outRomelli Bail Bonds has been in the bail bond business for many years. You can count on our expertise to help you in a time of turmoil. Having an encounter with the courts is a daunting, often scary event for anyone, to say nothing of the alarm you feel if you find yourself in a jail cell! You need someone on your side during this process. The sense of urgency that naturally occurs when you or someone you know needs bail may make you feel inclined to simply give the cash to the jail. After all, what you want is to get yourself or a loved one out of custody as soon as possible. But there are a few things to know about paying cash for bail versus securing a bail bond.

Don’t Plunk Down Cash!

So why do we advise you to secure a bail bond instead of cash? Our experience in this business has taught us that there are specific reasons why a bail bond is better. Should you ever find yourself in trouble with the law, consider these tips (and keep your cash).

A surety bail bond cannot be used to pay fines and costs. This means that borrowing money to bail out of jail will not subject the lender to the defendant’s punishment, simply because they lent the money.  The same cannot be said in the case of cash bail.

Romelli Bail Bonds’ agents are experts in bail and the criminal justice system. We advise practicing attorneys, as well as our clients, in bail- and forfeiture-related matters. Unforeseen situations occur even when a bail bond is used, but when they do occur, you’ll have an expert, and a criminal justice system “insider” on your side to help resolve issues.

Romelli Bail Bonds Get A Release on Life LogoCall our bail bond agency any time of day or night for this kind of advice. We’ll take the worry out of the process with easy bail bond payment plans that let you keep the cash you need for other things, but more importantly, we’ll help get you out of jail!