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Helpful Tips For Defendants in the Criminal Justice System

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The wheels of justice grind slowly, but grind they do. Here are a couple pointers to keep in mind if you find yourself a participant in the court system. DRESS APPROPRIATELY A judge sees dozens of defendants in a day and barely speaks to any of them. You never have a second chance to make… Continue Reading >>

Cell Phones Are Not Allowed in Jail

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Cell phones are not allowed in jail. Horrific! Unimaginable! Inhumane! Newly arrested persons face a bigger problem than an inability to update their status on social media, and that’s an inability to contact anybody in their life that matters. Ask yourself this question: If my cell phone were taken away, could I dial my best… Continue Reading >>

Call a Bondsman

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If you are arrested, the first call you should make is to a bondsman. If your first call is to a loved one, the next call they make should be to a bondsman. Upon being arrested, bail will be set in order for you to be released. Bail is an amount of money that must… Continue Reading >>

Why a Bail Bond is Better Than Cash

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Romelli Bail Bonds has been in the bail bond business for many years. You can count on our expertise to help you in a time of turmoil. Having an encounter with the courts is a daunting, often scary event for anyone, to say nothing of the alarm you feel if you find yourself in a… Continue Reading >>