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Sometimes, it’s not possible to meet in person.  For those times, we’ve provided the following bail bond forms that you can fill out and fax, or scan and email to us.  Each case is different, so call us, and we’ll discuss which forms are needed in your particular case.

Indemnity Agreements

This is the contract for the bail bond. Romelli Bail Bonds has established an agency relationship with two surety companies. Determining which form to fill out will depend on the surety company to which Romelli assigns the undertaking. Each circumstance is different. Call us and we will walk you through the process.

Other Agreements


Regardless of the situation in which you find yourself we will provide the support and confidentiality you need as you move through the bail bond process. Please review our brochure and share it with someone you know who could use our help.

When you call one of our Romelli bail bond agents, please also have the following information ready:

Call Romelli Bail Bonds and get a release on life!